Educational Technology

Education and technology are synonymous with training. In a business, industry, or educational forum the world of technology brings resources and services to your enterprise. The advent of technology connects people to the world and to each other. One of our major considerations is to use technology as a bridge to bring the business philosophy and training together; classrooms now come to the employee.

Our team of professionals bring consideration to you before the decision to move further into the expense of broadening the use of technology for training. The former instructional philosophy believed that schools are the exclusive forum reserved for educational technology; however, nothing is further from the truth! The truth is that any entity who needs to train people needs educational technology and that is where we fit in.

Our education program designers consider every aspect a company needs for employee instruction and what changes may be necessary to ensure the instructional needs are properly met and what technology is needed to accomplish these goals and objectives.

After the initial presentation of topics from the customer our team of designers begin the vetting process to determine what areas of training are the most important. Attional to these deficiencies the team considers the following:

  • What is the current technological platform?
  • What are the training needs of the company?
  • Will the instructional needs be met using existing technology?
  • What avenue of upgraded technology is necessary if current resources are not capable?

Meet Our Team of Specialists

  • Dr. Steven Brooks

    Director SB30 Program Development

    With more than 25 years of experience as an Educator, Police Officer, Police Instructor, SWAT Technician, and 82nd Airborne veteran Dr. Brooks has the resources to create lessons which incorporate various perspectives and tools of learning

  • Michael Palmer

    Director of Technology

    With more than 15 years of experience as a consummate professional of IT specialties and interface development

  • Romero Hern├índez

    Director of SB30 Sponsorship

    With more than 2 years of experience as professional marketing and branding professional specializing in acquiring sponsors

  • Marcus de Leon

    Creative Director / Web Dev

    With more than 12 years of experience as graphics guru who never settles for anything mediocore. His abililty to connect visually to a project is unequalled

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