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When a person puts a puzzle together they must take the time to examine every piece and compare it with the finished product. Instructional design is no different. Every piece of the developmental equation must be carefully examined to ensure that it fits into the final product.

Our team of instructional designers meticulously construct training programs in a manner aligning the company vision into training programs.

Our experts understand the important stages of instructional design development using subject matter experts, proven methodologies, and content construction.

Here are some of the determinants incorporated during the design process:

1. Who are the stakeholders?

Answer: Any person within the customerís domain

2. What is our responsibility to the project?

Answer: To meet all learning objectives and needs

3. What is the learning forum LMS?

Answer: From classroom to electronic forums

4. How can we meet the program objectives?

Answer: By listening to the customer

5. How is learner success measured?

Answer: Measuring the success of the companyís goals